The Panduit StructuredGround Direct Burial Compression Grounding System provides the highest performance and most reliable compression connection in the industry.

This system offers the speed and safety of a compression connection, while exceeding the stringent requirements of IEEE Std 837-2002. The fully inspectable system that is UL 467 Listed and CSA 22.2 Certified, ensures that the installed product operates safely.

Wide range-taking and universal designs provide installation flexibility with a minimum number of parts, reducing procurement and inventory costs. Innovative features assure a high quality bond, reducing labor costs and improving crimp quality.

StructuredGround vs. Exothermic

Key Features Benefits
Meets IEEE Std 837-2002 Offers the speed and safety of a compression connection while exceeding the .stringent requirements of the recently revised standard, through patent pending .crimp technology for maximum reliability
Exceeds UL 467 and CSA 22.2 with Panduit or industry standard crimping tools and Panduit crimping dies Standards compliance and full inspectability ensures that the installed product operates safely, while reducing installation tool costs and providing convenience.
Complies with MIL-STD-202G (METHOD 201A) Reliable performance in high vibration environments
Compression connection Non-flammable process that installs quickly and safely in any weather condition
Wide range-taking ability and multi-conductor designs Provide design and installation flexibility with a minimum number of parts, reduce procurement costs, ease inventory management, and improve availability to meet critical project schedules
Pre-applied conductive antioxidant compound Ensures a high quality mechanical and electrical bond, speeding installation
Slotted tap design and locator die Speeds installation time, reduces labor costs and improves crimp quality

Oil and Gas

Industrial Facilities

Cell Towers

Panduit Structured Ground Performance Comparison to Exothermic Welding
  • No Open Flame or "Controlled Explosion" – Eliminates Risk to Installer
  • All Weather Installation – Improved Productivity in the field
  • Immediate 100% Positive Inspection – No call-backs
  • Reduced Resistance Connection - Superior integrity and long-term reliability
Part Numbers and Descriptions
Cerco SKU Product Short Description Long Description
GRDSOL-001 14 ton Lithium Ion Crimping Tool Die type 14 ton crimping tool, 18V lithium-ion battery powered, 120 VAC charger; Jaw opening: 1.65" (41.9mm); Weight: 17.90 lbs. (8.1 kg) with battery; Length: 14.5" (368.3mm), Height: 16.5" (419.1mm), Width: 3.25" (82.6mm).
GRDSOL-002 Crimp Die for GRDSOL-005 and GRDSOL-007 Crimp die for CT-930. Crimps GCE500-1/0, GCE500-250, E Style Grounding Connectors and GCC6X6500-1/0, GCC6X6500-250, Grounding Cross Connectors.
GRDSOL-003 Crimp Die for GRDSOL-006 Crimp die for CT-930. Crimps GCE1/0-1/0, E Style Grounding Connectors and GCC6X61/0-1/0, Grounding Cross Connectors.
GRDSOL-004 Universal Beam Grounding Clamp Universal beam grounding clamp for #6 AWG – 500 kcmil (16 – 240mm²) wire size.
Application: Universal Beam Clamp with two hole lugs for bonding the metal structure of equipment enclosures
GRDSOL-005 "E" Style Grounding Connector for 150-240mm "E" style grounding connector for 250 – 500 kcmil (150 – 240mm²) main and #6 SOL – 1/0 STR (16 – 50mm²) tap.
Application: Typical signal grounding consists of bonding together #6 bare stranded copper to a ¾” ground rod.
GRDSOL-006 "E" Style Grounding Connector 16-50mm "E" style grounding connector for #6 SOL – 1/0 STR (16 – 50mm²) for main and tap.
Application: Repair or extension of ground conductors in existing installations
GRDSOL-007 Grounding Cross Connector for 250-500 Kkcmil Grounding cross connector for 250 – 500 kcmil (150 – 240mm²) and #6 SOL – 1/0 STR AWG (15 – 50mm²) wire size.
Application: Connecting rebar segments together in pads
GRDSOL-008 Copper Butt Splice Copper butt splice, long barrel, 750 kcmil cable.
Application: SCL Long Barrel Butt Splices for joining the ground rods that need to be “stacked” to get below crushed rock fill in roadbeds