2-Hour Fire Rated
Power Cable - Standard
Fire Pumps - Emergency Systems - Exhaust & presssurization fans
Fireman's elevator - Emergency Device Activation - Lighting
CSA Listed Type RC90 per CSA 22.2 No 123
Electrical Circuit Integrity System #120 (FHITC) - ULC
Meet NFPA 130 for Transit and NFPA 502 for Tunnel applications
Vitalink MC2 Hour Fire Rated2 Hour Fire Rating ULC S139
part #SizeConductor(s)Inner diameterArmor diameterOuter diameterWeight
VITALink VM011X0-1001/0116.51 mm25.4 mm25.4 mm1244.25 kgs/km
VITALink VM012X0-5002/0117.602 mm26.162 mm26.162 mm1433.25 kgs/km
VITAlink-VM013X0-5003/0119.05 mm27.432 mm27.432 mm1597.5 kgs/km
VITAlink-VM014X0-5004/0120.32 mm29.464 mm29.464 mm1830 kgs/km
VITAlink-VM01250-500250 MCM122.606 mm30.988 mm30.988 mm2430 kgs/km
VITAlink-VM01350-500350 MCM125.171 mm33.96 mm33.96 mm3150 kgs/km
VITAlink-VM01500-500500 MCM128.448 mm37.592 mm37.592 mm3862.5 kgs/km
VITAlink-VM01750-500750 MCM133.782 mm43.942 mm43.942 mm5400 kgs/km
VITALink VM02014-50014 GA211.938 mm19.812 mm19.812 mm675 kgs/km
VITALink VM03014-50014 GA312.7 mm20.828 mm20.828 mm765 kgs/km
VITALink VM04014-50014 GA414.478 mm22.606 mm22.606 mm870 kgs/km
VITALink VM02012-50012 GA212.954 mm20.625 mm20.828 mm750 kgs/km
VITALink VM03012-50012 GA314.097 mm22.606 mm22.403 mm929.25 kgs/km
VITALink VM04012-10012 GA415.748 mm23.876 mm23.876 mm1005 kgs/km
VITALink VM02010-50010 GA214.732 mm22.606 mm22.606 mm855 kgs/km
VITALink VM03010-50010 GA315.494 mm23.876 mm23.876 mm1005 kgs/km
VITALink VM04010-50010 GA417.018 mm25.4 mm25.4 mm1125 kgs/km
VITALink VM03008-1008 GA318.288 mm26.416 mm26.416 mm1230 kgs/km
VITALink VM04008-5008 GA420.32 mm29.464 mm29.464 mm1440 kgs/km
VITALink VM03006-1006 GA320.32 mm29.464 mm29.464 mm1500 kgs/km
VITALink VM04006-5006 GA422.606 mm30.988 mm30.988 mm1740 kgs/km
VITALink VM03004-5004 GA323.114 mm31.496 mm31.496 mm1710 kgs/km
VITALink VM04004-5004 GA425.654 mm34.29 mm34.29 mm2220 kgs/km
VITALink VM03003-5003 GA324.638 mm33.02 mm33.02 mm2115 kgs/km
VITALink VM04003-5003 GA427.178 mm35.56 mm35.56 mm2550 kgs/km
VITALink VM03002-5002 GA326.416 mm35.052 mm35.052 mm2400 kgs/km
VITALink VM04002-5002 GA429.21 mm38.1 mm38.1 mm2910 kgs/km
VITALink VM03001-5001 GA330.48 mm40.386 mm40.386 mm2985 kgs/km
VITALink VM04001-5001 GA434.036 mm43.942 mm43.942 mm3825 kgs/km
VITALink VM031X0-5001/0 GA332.766 mm42.418 mm1.731 mm3525 kgs/km
VITALink VM041X0-5001/0 GA436.322 mm46.228 mm46.228 mm4125 kgs/km
VITALink VM032X0-5002/0 GA335.306 mm45.72 mm45.72 mm4050 kgs/km
VITALink VM042X0-5002/0 GA439.116 mm49.53 mm49.53 mm4980 kgs/km
VITALink VM033X0-5003/0 GA337.846 mm48.768 mm48.768 mm4695 kgs/km
VITALink VM043X0-1003/0 GA442.672 mm54.102 mm54.102 mm5925 kgs/km
VITALink VM034X0-5004/0 GA341.148 mm51.816 mm51.816 mm5505 kgs/km
VITALink VM044X0-5004/0 GA446.228 mm57.15 mm57.15 mm7020 kgs/km
VITALink VM03250-500250 MCM345.974 mm57.15 mm57.15 mm6570 kgs/km
VITALink VM04250-500250 MCM451.054 mm62.484 mm62.484 mm8205 kgs/km
VITALink VM03350-500350 MCM351.562 mm62.992 mm62.992 mm8430 kgs/km
VITALink VM04350-500350 MCM457.404 mm68.834 mm68.834 mm10575 kgs/km
VITALink VM03500-500500 MCM358.674 mm71.628 mm71.628 mm11130 kgs/km
VITALink VM04500-500500 MCM466.04 mm79.502 mm79.502 mm14280 kgs/km

The values shown are nominal.
* Capacitance between conductors
** Capacitance between one conductor and other conductors connected to shield

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