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Maintain Circuit Integrity and Physical Protection

Cerco Cable carries the full line of Lifeline™ 2-hour fire rated cables. These fire resistant cables have a flexible, easy-to-install, non-armored, silicone jacket that transforms into a rugged ceramic material when exposed to fire and water. This provides a critical 2-hour window for saving lives in emergency situations.

Lifeline cables are specifically designed for critical applications such as fire detection systems, emergency power, fire pumps, elevators, ventilation, exhaust, lighting, notification, signaling line circuits and communications.

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For more information contact a Cerco representative at 800-361-5961 (Montreal) or 800-463-9473 (Toronto).

Conduit System - Code compliant conduit system with the following restrictions:
1. Must be all steel components or components that have been fire rated and approved. This excludes aluminum, die cast (zinc), plastics, etc.
2. Conduit must be supported every five feet (60 inches) in lieu of the code standard of ten feet unless a different spacing has been verified by manufacturer testing.

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