The growing need to protect people, assets and property while preventing loss and managing risk has led to an increased focus on security. And when the safety of businesses and homes are at stake, people invest in the expertise, products, and services of reliable alarm and security companies.

But security is an uncompromising business. Despite increasing complexity and sophistication of  products, the performance and reliability of integrated security systems depend on the quality of the cable solution that is chosen. And when security fails, the consequences to your company and bottom line can be alarming.  

Let our experts help you select the right cabling solution for your alarm and security needs. When you work with Cerco you gain a competitive edge, benefiting from proven cabling solutions that optimize the performance and reliability of your offerings no matter what the application.

At Cerco we understand that the integration of security functions is increasingly becoming the norm. We can help you manage your customers’ migration to a complete integrated platform. Surveillance and monitoring. Access control systems. CCTV cables, coaxial and special combo cables, FAS-AFDC design solutions for addressable fire alarm and life safety systems and much more. When it comes to security cable, we don't just do it all. We do it better so that both you and your clients profit from ongoing peace of mind.

Cerco Cable is a trusted full-service provider for all your cabling needs, from building controls and data-telecom cable to broadcast solutions, as well as accessories designed to meet your unique specifications. We provide turnkey value to help you manage your wire and cable investment more effectively.

Experience the Cerco Advantage by discovering how we can help you improve your bottom line.


  Composite 8001 Cable

Our innovative 8001 cable was designed specifically to meet the precise requirements of access card systems in such high security environments as airports, banks, government buildings, penitentiaries, and casinos.

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